Manufacturing the Strongest Roll-Off Trailers, Lugger Hoists, Car Haulers and Dump Trailers in the industry since 1938.

Proven Performance for the Long Haul.

Committed to building innovative products that increase your payload and profits, Ace has built the strongest, lightest and longest-lasting trailers on the market for more than 75 years.  Let our four generations of experience help your company achieve maximum payload and profit.

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Roll-Off Trailers

Ace Roll-Off trailers have transformed the scrap and demolition industry by providing a feather-light and extremely rugged Roll-Off Trailer.

Lugger Trucks & Trailers

Ace Lugger trucks and trailers are the best in the industry… PERIOD.

Car Haulers

Built from the ground up or on any new or used flatbed trailer. Ace car haulers are built specifically for each customer and application.

Intermodal Tippers

Ace Intermodal Tipper Chassis, the fastest way to load and unload your intermodal containers.

Dump Trailers

Ace dump trailers are work horses designed to deal with the harshest environments possible.

Steel Transfer Trailers

Ace has built Steel Transfer Trailers for over 50 years.

WHY We're The Best

For the past 30 years, Ace has been continually working to perfect the ultimate scrap hauling roll-off trailer.  Our Ace Roll-Off Trailer has truly become the industry’s most reliable and highest producing roll-off trailer.  We strive to give our customers a roll-off trailer that will haul the most legal payload of any trailer.  If you have any concerns about this trailer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
Why We're the Best