Car Haulers

Built from the ground up or on any new or used flatbed trailer.  

Ace Car Haulers are built specifically for each customer and application. 

Reliability and Longevity

Ace Car Haulers are always built from the ground up and with no mix and matching of components. This keeps the integrity of the trailer frame and will last you and your company for years to come. Call us at 1-800-578-8471 to discuss your requirements and we will build a car hauler to fit your unique application today.

Don’t settle for less. You deserve ACE!

Double Drop Car Hauler

Benefits of a double drop car hauler are that the hauler can load additional cars between the wheel wells that cannot be achieved with a single drop car hauler.

Hydraulic Cage Car Hauler

Ace Car Haulers can be fitted with a hydraulic cage that contains the crushed cars for your haul. Ask us about our hydraulic system!

Open Sides Car Hauler

Ace Car Haulers without steel sides must have curtains, cable winches, or steel mesh to contain cars.

Single Drop Car Hauler

Quick, easy, to the point. Can be built out of a used flatbed trailer or step deck trailer. Most cost-effective way to move your crushed cars.

Steel Mesh Hinge Door Car Hauler

A heavy duty alternative to a curtain, hinge is welded directly to the front/rear of trailer with locking position in the middle of the trailer.

Three Sided Car Hauler

Ace Car Hauler can be made with a solid steel side on either driver or passenger side. Please check with your state laws on which side is legal in your state.