Lugger Trucks & Trailers

Ace Lugger Trucks and Trailers are the Best in the Industry…. PERIOD

Ace Lugger Bodies

Ace Manufactures the Strongest Lugger Hoists in the Industry. Anywhere from a 14,000 lbs. hoist up to a 80,000 lbs. hoist. 

Recognized as the Strongest, Highest Capacity, Safest, Most Reliable Lugger Hoist in the Industry.

Ace Lugger Trailers

Only True Manufacturer of Lugger Trailers in the Industry.  

Only Way to Achieve Maximum GVW with a Lugger Container.

Ace Super Series

Industry's Workhorse for over 50 years. ACE Super Series Lugger Hoists vary in lifting capacity. Ranging from 40,000 lbs. to the industry's only 60,000 lbs. Lugger Hoist.

Ace Utility Series

ACE Utility Series range from the 57-RC-14 on heavy duty pickup trucks for 1-3 cu. yard containers. That is 6 cu. yards more than any other on the market. The only 60,...

Ace Lugger Hoist Trailer

Put your current Lugger containers to greater use. Brothers Equipment, Inc. presents the same robust ACE Lugger Hoist, now in a trailer form. ACE Lugger Hoist Trailer ...