Ace Super Series

Ace Super Series

Ace Super Series

Industry’s Workhorse for over 60 Years.


Ace Lugger Hoist Specifications 



There is not a lugger hoist on the market that will out lift and outperform an Ace Super Series Lugger Hoist. Each unit is tested and rated to respective lifting capacity. Our 50,000 lbs. Hoist will lift 50,000 lbs. while the truck is idling.  The same is true for any other lugger hoist we produce.  We have been told but numerous Ace Lugger users that “Nothing will out Lift an Ace”.  Each unit is produced with the most abusive environment in mind.


Ace positions the necessary material in the correct location to ensure years of excellence. The average Ace Lugger Hoist last 25 years.  Some of our customers have had the same Ace Lugger Hoist for over 40 years. 

Weight Distribution

 On average Ace Lugger Users achieve a 33% better weight distribution than units produced by other lugger hoists manufacturers.  This is possible because an Ace Lugger Hoist allows the container to be placed 36” farther forward on the deck.  This allowed the container to be centered evenly between the steer axle and the rear tandem. As a result, our users have experienced less overweight fines than our competition’s customers.  Ask almost any user of our competition’s units, their biggest issue is weight distribution. 

Container Sizes

 With an Ace Super Series Lugger Hoist, you can utilize larger containers than ever before!
Ace Super Series Luggers can lift and dump any container between 6-30 cubic yards.
That is 6 cubic yards more than any our Competitor’s lugger hoists!
Ace offers over 300 different configurations of Lugger Containers suited for every application. 


 Ace Super Series Luggers use our patented “Dump Key” in lieu of a “J-Hook” Style Dump Plate.  This ensures a higher degree of control and larger containers are now possible. Our “Dump Keys” allow the operator to dump the load perfectly every time, which cannot be said for our competition’s lugger hoists.


Every aspect of the unit is mechanic friendly. If you’re one of the many customers who have both Ace Lugger Hoists and Ace Roll-Off Trailers, many of the cylinder components are interchangeable from an Ace Lugger to an Ace Roll-Off Trailer.

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