Art-27' Sliding Suspension & B-Train System

Art-27' Sliding Suspension & B-Train System

Art-27' Sliding Suspension & B-Train System

Benefits of B-Train

  • Gives you two fully functional trailers connected and working as one
  • Great for long distance hauling and hauling two containers
  • Safer than a running truck mounted unit with a pup trailer
  • Can run trailers separately for different applications
  • Total of 5 axles between two trailers, 8 axles including tractor
  • Total length of under 75′ giving the maximum federal bridge law for a two container trailer

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Product Information

For this trailer to work to its full potential, it needs have a 3rd Air Lift axle. This protects the suspension and provides for better load distribution

Pack a Powerful Punch in a Small Package!
B-Train System
The Best Way To Haul Two Containers
Ace’s 27′ Tri-axle Sliding Suspension Roll-Off Trailer. Equipped with a 5th wheel plate for connection of the rear trailer. Equipped with Hydraulic and air-line connects for rear trailer.
12′ from C/A of Tractor to C/A of Tandem of Trailer.
Ace’s 25′ Tandem Axle Roll-Off Trailer is used as the rear trailer.  Connects directly to Front Trailers. Fully functional trailer with dual lift and reeving cylinders.
Designed and built the same way as our 40′ Trailer, NO SKIMPING ON MATERIALS unlike our competitors. Same size materials go into all trailers thus making the ART-60-27* even stronger than our 40′ Trailer.
Ace Sliding Suspension Roll-Off Trailers uses a Replaceable Heavy-Duty Teflon skid plate for the sliding motion.  Same Heavy Duty Single Point Spring Tandem Suspension Ace uses on 25′-40′ Trailers.
Extends to reach maximum Federal Bridge.  27′ Ace Sliding Suspension Roll-Off Trailer slides out to 35′ thus giving longer bridge and ability to carry larger containers. Reach 80,000 GVW with ease.

Have a 22′ container that weighs 40,000+ lbs.? This Trailer Will Handle That All Day, Everyday!