Canadian Roll-Off Trailer

Canadian Roll-Off Trailer

Canadian Roll-Off Trailer


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Ace Canadian Roll-Off Trailers are built to meet each individual Canadian province.  Ace offers Roll-Off Trailers that will achieve industry leading legal payload.


Our Ace Canadian Roll-Off Trailers can be made in various lengths. 25′-42′ in total length


With our famous trailer, we offer different suspension configurations. Our Canadian Style Roll-Off Trailers can be set to any axle spacing necessary to meet each individual province’s regulations.

Air Ride Tandem

60″-108″ Axle Spacing

Spring Tandem

50,000/60,000 lbs. Single Point Suspension 50″ Spacing
All Down Spring Tandem with 60″+ Axle Spacing

Air-Ride Tridem

60″-108″ Axle Spacing with air lift axle on first axle

All Spring Tridem

60″-108″ Axle Spacing, all down spring suspension

Sliding Suspension

Gain an additional 86″ of total length with our sliding suspension.  Applications are endless, and allows the ability to haul another trailer behind (Canadian Super B-Train)


Gives you the ability to haul (2) fully loaded containers at the maximum possible legal Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W)
Unlike the other Canadian B-Trains on the market, Ace B-Train Roll-Off Trailer System loads the front trailer first. This allows your drive to save precious time by only unhooking the rear trailer once for loading and once for unloading.
This is significant compared to our completion who loads the front trailer first, hooks up to rear trailer, transfers the container to the rear dead trailer, unhooks the rear trailer, loads front trailer, then hooks up to rear trailer.

Ace Canadian B-Train Roll-Off System Loading Process
  • Connect Tractor to Front Trailer
  • Load Container on Front trailer
  • Slide Front Trailer suspension Out
  • Connect to Rear Trailer
  • Load Container Rear Trailer
  • Safely Secure Containers to Front and Rear Trailers
  • Ready to Go!

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