Steel Transfer Trailers

Ace has built Steel Transfer Trailers for over 50 years.

Ejector System

Ace’s Steel Transfer Trailer's innovative push out track design makes the system worry-free. The “T-Track” System, makes it possible to compact and unload materials that walking floor style and other steel transfer trailer manufacturers cannot. No more worrying about how the ejector ram will operate if the sides are damaged.


With Ace’s “T” Track Push Out System, the entire process of unloading material is a breeze.  Unlike a walking floor trailer, whereas it may take 20-40 minutes to unload a trailer, Ace’s Push Out System will completely empty the trailer's contents in under TWO minutes.

Trailer Design

Our steel push out trailer is engineered for municipal or commercial use. This transfer trailer ejects horizontally, eliminating the sometimes dangerous problem of tipping at the landfill.

Strategically Placed Material

Ace places the correct material in all the right places.  Longevity and ease of use is the plan when it comes to main line equipment. At Ace, we strive to cut out the unnecessary material and features and provide you with lightest weight possible while being able to stand up to the abuse of daily use.

Aux Engine

Self-Powered units are available on all Ace Steel Transfer Trailer Models.

Units include engine, fuel tank, oil tank, and remote controls.

Call us at 1-800-578-8471 to discuss your requirements and we will build a transfer trailer to fit your unique application today.

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