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For the past 30 years, Ace has been continually working to perfect the ultimate scrap hauling roll off trailer.  Our Ace Roll Off Trailers has truly become the industry’s most reliable and highest producing roll off trailer.  We strive to to give our customers a roll off trailer that will haul the most legal payload of any trailer.  If you have any concerns about this trailer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Ace Roll Off Trailer vs. All Frame Style Trailers

Ace Roll Off Trailer vs. All other Frameless Roll Off Trailers

Ace 25′ Roll Off Trailer vs. Competition

Frame Trailer*ART-60*
Tractor Weight17,00017,000
Trailer Weight23,00015,000
Total Empty Weight w/o Box47,00039,000
Legal Payload33,00041,000
Payload Weight Gain8,000
Additional Payload (in dollars) per Load at $200 per Ton$800
5 Loads per Day x 5 Days per Week x 50 Weeks per Year$1,000,000 potential additional profit**
Our Trailer will more than pay for itself within 6 months of first use
*Numbers displayed as pounds, unless otherwise specified. **Your profits may vary depending on additional factors.

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